Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wow . . . . . . Two Months!

It's been two months since my last post. I didn't mean for it to be that long. I've been busy and dealing with personal issues and with all that I just haven't had time to update this blog.

Well, I'll talk about my book a bit. I've currently written over 200 pages so I am more than half way done! I am proud of myself and I'm excited about being able to finish it soon. Once I finish I will starting on my next book. I just can't wait to get them finished and starting on the road to publishing.

My boyfriend is still searching for a job and is putting in more applications. Some of the places around here are hiring now and I'm hoping one of those places will hire him.

I've still been reading a lot, I'm close getting to having read 100 books this year. Currently I am reading Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Journey by Kathryn Lasky. I saw the movie and it was wonderful, definitely going to buy it on DVD when it comes out.
An author on Goodreads has asked me to review her book series and I accepted. She has sent the books already and I'm waiting for them to come in the mail. I was surprised she asked, but happy she did and after she asked me, I got an idea - What if I became a book reviewer? I'm exactly expecting to become a famous book reviewer, I want to be a famous author though. But, I've been thinking about trying to review books for money. I was doing some reading and saw that you can sell book reviews to magazine for money and I think that would be great for me. The money from selling book reviews would be great, but also I do like reviewing books and it would give me some experience in the writing world. I figured I will do some more research and find magazines that take reviews of young adult, or children's books since that is mostly what I read. I really hope I can do this.
But, of course, I'm going to still keep working on my writing and my books. My books are probably one of the most important things to me. I really can't wait to get them finished and get published. I know my books will sell very good.

And some good news I found out . . . . . Diana Wynne Jones wasn't feeling so well earlier this year, but now she is doing much better and that makes me very happy. I think I'm going to buy another card and send it to her. I hope she liked the first card I sent.

Anyway, I'm glad I had the time to update this and change my layout. It's now October, my favorite month and my favorite holiday is at the end of this month - Halloween! I love Halloween and decided to change my layout to a Halloween one. Well, I guess that is it for the update. I'll do my best to update more this month.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know I haven't posted in about a month. Sorry for that. I've been sort of busy though. I'm mostly on my Xanga blog and post on there every day. Plus I have been doing this "A Picture A Day" thing, which has really been fun.
I also might be in a book about Diana Wynne Jones. I don't know if I posted about that yet, but I hope what I submitted gets picked for the book. I really do.

I've been writing my book, over 180 pages done now! And I've been writing short stories lately too. I'm working on one I'm calling The Mystic Castle, which I am loving how it is turning out. I might try to find a magazine that takes short stories and see if I can get one published! That'd be pretty cool.

Earlier this month I went to the Padre Pio Centre and Gettysburg, both were great. Anyway, I will update more later. I don't have much time right now. Just thought I would do a quick update. I'll try to update again soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Expecting Something Is Not Unrealistic

I wrote a post on my main blog about people telling others to be realistic about their dreams. Like I've always wanted to be a singer, and now an author. But, I've had many people tell me not to be unrealistic because there is a high chance I won't be able to do my dream job. Or the "you'll never make it!"

That is basically what my post was about and I was just wondering why people think that way. Because I think that you can do anything you set your mind to, anything, ANYTHING is possible and you can make your dreams come true.

I haven't gotten rude comments, or anything like that. But, I've gotten a few comments so far I haven't responded to because I'm not sure how to. See, I don't think if you sit and do nothing your dream will come true. I believe you have to work for it and know, truly and completely know in your heart that it will happen. And nor do I think it is wrong to have a day job until your dream can take off. What comments bothered me the most was this: "What's unrealistic is expecting to have the next textual blockbuster and expecting it to takecare of you financially. Sure, that can happen, but having things to fall back on is not a bad idea."
It was not a rude comment, but I don't know how to respond to this because....I don't think that way. I'm not mad at the person because I do understand that is how most people think and I really feel that is what holds people back: their thinking. From watching The Secret DVD I have learned that everything is about how you think. I know people say you shouldn't expect something to happen because you will only be disappointed. But, that is not true. If you truly want something whether it is money, or your dream job you have to expect it to happen. You have to know it will defintly happen for you. You have to truly and completely feel in your body and heart, you have to feel it with your whole being.

But, for most people a dream is just that...a dream. I do understand though that people don't think the way The Secret teaches you to. It's not their fault. It is the way our world is and the way we are brought up. I hope that one day that more people can begin thinking that way.

And I know this is my first update in probably three weeks. I've been busy writing either on my Xanga blog, or in my book. And tomorrow I'll be going to the Hershey library to sign up for the summer reading program. Can't wait for that. I'll try to update again tomorrow if I can.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Judgmental Writers

Through out my whole life I've experienced bits and pieces of judgement for my writing, or at one time, lack of better spelling ability. I was not always the best speller and I've always been truthful about that. I'm not ashamed and I didn't have a learning disorder, I just had to learn in a different way.

Anyhow, like I said I've had my own experiences with judgmental people. Back around when I was 15 I had shown a part of a short story of mine to someone who claimed to be John Jakes. Didn't know who he was at the time, but found out he was the author of the North and The South books. I don't know if it was really John Jakes who read my short story. But, John Jakes, or whoever it was, wasn't very nice. He called my story and writing terrible. He said I should give it up and I would never make it as an author. Needless to say, that hurt. It would hurt anyone, wouldn't it?

When I was 16, close to 17 I had given up on writing stories, or a book. The books I was writing at the time I felt weren't good enough. Back in late 2008 is when I got into writing again and it happened because of blogging on Xanga. Blogging on Xanga made me find my love for writing again. It was last year once again that I decided to write a book. This time the book writing is different. I haven't given up and I won't. I like my story and my characters. My writing and spelling has improved greatly. But it's not because of what 'John Jakes' said. It's because writing is what I want to do, it's what I'm good at and I know that I can be a successful published author.

But, now that I've really gotten back into writing I've noticed there are different groups of writers. There are nice, supportive writers who want other writers like them to succeed. And then there are the judgmental and there are quite a few more judgmental writers out there then I realized.

I think it's fine to help someone, give them advice or tell them if they aren't doing something exactly right. Some people want that actually, and while I understand not everyone is going to like your writing, I don't think any writer wants to be harshly judged. These judgmental writers try to act like they are better then you and attack people who are non writers for the fact that their spelling and such might not be so good.

On my Xanga blog there is a girl, she is a writer and I've been nothing, but nice to her. However, I have noticed that whenever she replies to one of my blogs she tries to act as if she is better then I am - as if I am stupid and have no idea what I'm talking about. She's done it to some other people that comment on my blogs as well. I've never said anything to her because I'm not into starting drama. But I don't like her "I'm better then you" attitude. Maybe my grammar isn't amazing, maybe I don't always know where all the punctuation marks go. Not all writers do, but I think what matters is we try our best. Isn't that what editors are for? To fix our mistakes, or help us.

I just think that if you are a writer and come across a fellow writer, just try to be nice and encouraging. I didn't improve because people were judging me harshly and all that does is make someone feel bad. I improved because I read and write a lot. And I mean a lot. Whenever I see a fellow writer I encourage them and give them advice. I tell them if they wish to get better at writing then just write and read a lot. It honestly works.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't believe in being harsh. You can help a fellow writer improve by just telling them nicely how to do so. There isn't no need to be harsh, or insulting.

Well, I guess there isn't much I can do to change other people. I just know that I'm not going to be harsh on anyone whose dream is to be an author. I'll give advice and try to help, but I could never be insulting or harsh. I know too much of how that feels.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten This Place

I know it might seem as if I have forgotten this place, but I haven't. I haven't had a chance to write. I've been doing all of my blogging on my main blog on Xanga. Speaking of that, I'm going to have to change the link I have on here. I recently changed my name on Xanga.
Anyway, besides blogging on Xanga and doing a few other things online I've been busy writing my book. I've been really going at it and I think it gets better by the day. I've also been writing short stories and I can really see an improvement in my writing. It's amazing. I can see with the book I'm writing and this latest short story I wrote. I just feel really happy with myself and my writing.

I'm getting ready for the Summer reading program to start at Hershey library June 1st. I know a few books I'm going to get.

Dial-a-Ghost by Eva Ibbotson

Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

Ghosthunters and The Gruesome Invincible Lighting Ghost by Cornelia Funke

Tamora Pierce is on my friends list on Goodreads and I haven't read any of her books yet, but she seems like a really down to earth person. I'm actually really excited to read her book Alanna: The First Adventure. I was also checking out her web site, reading different things and this one thing she said really stood out to me:

"One other thing: a number of people who write to me these days say they may be too old (16, 20, 34, 53, 80) to read my books. As a person with a library that is one-third teen books, intermediate books, beginning chapter books, and picture books, I say the only thing that matters is that the reader enjoys the book, whatever her/his age. Any decently written kids' book should be just as enjoyable for adult readers. Good stories and good ideas are ageless."

This is so very true. I have noticed that there are quite a few adults, even teens, that will not read YA or children's books because they feel they are too easy and not challenging enough for them. There are some pretty amazing YA/children's book out there. You just have to look for them and just because it is YA/children doesn't mean it won't be a good read, or it's not a real book. There is lots you can learn from YA/children's books and plus some can be really fun to read. I'm open to read anything that catches my interests. I just wish more people would give YA/Children books a chance.

I'm also reading Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner. I won it from Goodreads and it's a signed copy! It's very good so far.

Well, maybe I will put up another post in a few days. I'll try to start writing on here a bit more.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About My Other Blog...

Okay, like I said I'm going to write about what happened on my other blog. Xanga has changed the front page a bit. The Featured Blogs are still there, but off to the side while the Top Blogs are on the front page now. The Top Blogs are changed every day, they are said to go by how many comments, recommends, views you get. So I made my own post about the Top Blogs. Saying how I think it's great they are on the front page so users can get more traffic, but I said not everyone gets on the Top Blogs. I said that I've had posts of mine get 30, 40 or 50 comments and it doesn't make it to the Top Blogs and I've seen other bloggers say the same thing.
I said that I think there should be some type of thing for those who don't, or can't seem to get on the Top Blogs. Well, most of the people think Xanga can't do anymore to help people get traffic and that it's up to the user who wants traffic to get it. But, these people who say that are the ones who complained about Xanga not giving the users traffic and Xanga needed to do something about it. But, they aren't complaining now because they get the Top Blogs often and they are now located on the front page.

But...The comment that bothered me came from someone on Xanga who has been my friend for awhile. Here is her exact comment "I think it's fine the way it is. It's completely equal-opportunity. If you write stuff that people are interested and you network/comment lots of other people, you will make top blogs. When I didn't have sign-in lock I was somewhere within the top 100 everyday. You seem really concerned with getting lots of traffic and Xanga changing, but you never try to change what you blog about or how you blog. There really isn't anything else Xanga can do to get you more traffic, it's up to YOU to get traffic, not up to Xanga to give you traffic."

One thing I want to say is that I like getting comments because I like to connent with others on Xanga and hear their opinions, but I'm not so worried about traffic, or comments like she says. Also I do comment lots of other people and if you notice she mentioned how she made the Top Blogs every day. I was upset because this is a person who has been my friend on there for awhile and she reads all of my posts and she has the nerve to say that I'm concerned with traffic and Xanga changing. I didn't see her go after other people when they were complaining about how Xanga needs to change. And why do I need to change anything? If I become a popular blogger I want it to be because I'm being myself, not being fake to get comments/traffic.

Now what she is doing is she went off sign-in lock so she is able to make the Top Blogs, she's now blogging about things she knows will get a lot of traffic and comments and she keeps talking about traffic. Like the other day "Xanga must be dead today...I'm not getting a lot of traffic :(" and this morning "Wow.... I'm getting a lot of traffic, I've gotten 954 footprints since midnight."
I just have a feeling she's doing this now to throw it in my face that she can get traffic and on the Top Blogs. I have never been mean to her. I've commented and recommended a lot of her posts and now she acts like a jerk to me and judges me from one single post after reading my blog for months. Know how people say "When someone accuses you of doing something it means they are the ones really doing it themselves"? Well, over the past week I've really learned that it's true. She accused me of being concerned with traffic, but it's really her. If anyone were on Xanga saw how she blogged before compared to after my Top Blogs they will saw she changed.

Sorry for the rant....Needed to get it out. It just sucks when you are nice to someone and they do some crap like that.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crystal Skulls, Books and More

It's been more then a month since I last updated. A lot has been going on. Was pretty stressed out for awhile, but everything is okay now. I've been helping my boyfriend to find a job and he has an interview at Pizza Hut on Monday. I have a good feeling about Pizza Hut, I think he'll get hired there.

The most recent books I've bought are Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones, The Hooded Man by Jay Bennett and Whispers From The Grave by Leslie Rule. Haven't read any of them yet, but I will probably will within the next few months. I'm currently reading Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. It's awesome so far.

Okay, this is probably going to get weird now, but I've really been into Crystal Skulls lately. It started earlier this month when I watched the documentary Mystery of The Crystal Skulls. I even found this website: Crystalskulls.com and it is awesome. The website has tons of information on Crystal Skulls, the legends and mayans and so much more. The website even sells Crystal Skulls. I'm going to buy a pocket sized one for now since it is only $20. It's very small, but I'm excited about getting it. I should be ordering it next week sometime.

But, there is another skull I want that is named Ami. To buy it cost about a million dollars. I don't know how I'm going to buy it, but I believe it will happen. I think it'll be great to get Ami as well.

Well, something happened on Xanga that I wanted to write about, but I'll try to write about it tomorrow. So I'm going to stop here for now and write again tomorrow if I have time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just A Quick Post...

I decided against posting this on Xanga for the reason that I may be told I'm whining again or worse. Remember I wrote a post about racism earlier this month? Well, it has never gotten featured. But, yesterday a post about racism got featured and it's someone on my friends list that wrote. I'm happy for her having a featured post, but I feel disappointed too. Her post was about her being racist because of growing up around and she's working on changing. That is great. Mine was different though, mine showed that racism happens to and can affect white people too.
I just feel really disappointed, mainly because I worked so hard on that post, it was difficult to write and when I did finish it I was proud of myself for writing it. It is probably one of the the posts I wrote that is most important to me. I know it didn't get featured because of it length (or maybe it was another reason. Maybe it was because it showed a completely different side to racism.) I don't really know, but I couldn't help feeling a bit hurt because her post was featured and not mine.

I'm going to edit my post, try to make it a bit shorter, repost it and submit it again later this year and hope that I get featured.
I just really needed to write all that. I feel a bit better now and wish I could post this on my other blog without being judged or the woman who got featured get mad at me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Don't Say Anything At All

On the 4th of this month on my Xanga blog I wrote a post about my experiences with racism and posted it on Xanga. It was a very long post, longer then I expected to make it, but there was a lot to tell and it needed to be told in order for others to understand. It didn't get as many comments as I thought it would, it was probably because of it being long and it didn't get featured like I thought it would. Xanga is different from other blog sites, you can get your posts featured on the front page. I know why it wasn't featured; again because of it's length. So I was a bit disappointed and even wrote a post that I was disappointed that it wasn't featured. It wasn't because I was looking to get popular, or get friends or subscribers from it. The message of my post was that racism affects everyone of every race and I think it's an important message so I wanted a lot of people to be able to read it.

I explained that in my post and someone said "if you are creating a post to get featured....reconsider your intention for writing....you are whining..." I never responded to her, but it annoyed me. I blog on Xanga, I like having my posts read by people, I like getting lots of comments and hearing others opinions, I like getting featured and whenever I write a post on there I don't write it in a certain way so it will be featured. I write it the way I write everything. Whenever I write anything, it's just me being myself and writing what interests me, what's on my mind. Now if I didn't want anyone to read my blog I would set it to friends lock and not friend anyone or I would write in my diary only. I blog on Xanga to connect with others and get others opinions and just talk to people. I don't write with the intention of getting featured, I just write how I always do and if it gets featured then that's great! But, I find it rude for someone to come on my blog and say I'm whining and tell me I need to reconsider why I'm writing. I'm writing because I love to write and for others to read. She is on there for the same reason, she's not on friends lock and I've her posts get lots of comments. I don't know her, but I've read a few of her posts because they were about famous native americans and they were good. I recommended them and I was never once mean to her. Isn't great how others pay you back for being nice?

I really don't mean to complain, but this has been annoying me for days now. Is it wrong for me to blog and want others to comment or for it to get featured? Isn't that why people blog anyway? It's like telling an author they need to think about why they write if they are looking to get published and want people to read their stories. There is nothing wrong with wanting people to read what you write.

I just needed to vent a bit. Sorry for the ranting. I might try and post a book review on here in a few days.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Books I Want

Here I'm going to start a list of books I want and as I get them they will be marked off. This list will be updated and reposted.

This is Diana Wynne Jones new book and it was released in the UK in January. I want it so bad, but it costs about $25 dollars to import it. The book comes out in April in America so I guess I will just have to wait.

This is a book I found tonight while looking through young adult mystery books on Amazon and it sounds so good. I'm going to try and order it soon.

There is a lot more books I want, but I'll add more to the list later. I did a lot of shoveling and I'm feeling pretty tired. Will update later.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Already!

Wow, I can't believe it's March already. February went really fast! I hope that March, and the rest of this year goes slower. Sorry I haven't had time to update the books I want list. Been busy when I get online, but I have a few minutes so I decided to write something.

I've been writing posts on my Xanga blog and I'm working on a few now that I need to finish. One is about what I would want my dream home to look like and I really think about that a lot. The other is a book review on The Hobbit. Then I'm going to have to think up more stuff to write about, but I'm sure I will. I always do and I'm usually good at coming up with things to write about.
Last Thursday I went to the library and borrowed some books and also bought some books from the library's book store. Got the books for really cheap! I found Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill in hardcover for only $1.50!! That's cheap. I also got The Land of Elyon book 1 and 2 and a book called Companions of The night which sounds really good and I can't wait to read it. I'm currently reading a book I borrowed from the library called The Book of Dragons by Edith Nesbit. I really want to say I'm loving the book, but it's not as great as I thought it would be and I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm going to keep reading and finish it.
A few days ago I ordered some books from the Science Fiction Book Club so I could complete my commitment. Hopefully I will get the books this week or next week sometime.

I keep hearing we are supposed to get a really bad storm on the 7th of this month and I hope that doesn't happen. I can't stand to shovel anymore this year.
Nothing much else has been going on with me. Getting out last week was great and I hope I can do it again soon; staying home all the time can get pretty boring. Well, I'll write again soon, try to update my list of books I want and I'll be writing about my book again soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Another Boring Day

I bought The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle yesterday so I need to take it off my books I want to buy list. I need to update the list and add more books to it, I'll try to do that later tonight or within the next few days.
Anyway, I'm excited about reading The Vampire Diaries, but I'm not going to read it until I finish Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Today was normal, didn't do much. Only slept for 3 hours and I've been up all day. It's 7:30 PM now and I don't even feel tired. I might nap a bit later though. Today I just read and wrote my book, which is still coming along great. Now I'm waiting for Celebrity Rehab to come on.

Next week sometime I'm going to my local library. I haven't been to the library in months and I miss going so much. I'm going to try and have some money to maybe buy a book or two from their little bookstore inside the library. The bookstore sells used books that look new and they are really cheap, plus it helps to fund the library. I'm going to get the Writers Market if they have it and have a look through it, take notes etc. Also going to get some Publisher's Weekly magazines if they have them. Probably going to get a some manga to read and I'm not sure what else I'm going to get. I'm excited about going to the library and probably going to the video game store as well. I'll update soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Layout!

Found a layout I like. Couldn't find an anime one this time though. I really want a Card Captor or Revolutionary Girl Utena layout, but I know one of those will be hard to find. So I went with a fantasy layout and I love it. I think it looks awesome!

Anyway, I'll update again soon.

Finally Updating

It's been awhile since I last updated on here. I should try to update more often, but just don't always have time when I'm online. Last night I was looking for a new layout for my blog on here. I like the one I have, but still not completely happy with it. I would like another anime one or a video game one though.
My birthday was the 21st, and I turned 21. I stayed home with my boyfriend and we ate my birthday cake. I got a few presents too. I honestly haven't been up to much. I've just been stuck in the house since we lost our car back in November. Last time I went out was in December to the video game store and we had to go in my dad's truck. His truck is way, way to hard to get into and I hurt my back trying to get in. Now we have another car, it works okay and just honestly looks like a piece of crap, but it's all we could afford for right now. I'm not worried though, I know things are going to start getting much better.

I've still been writing my book and have been writing it much then usual, but that's good. I'm actually writing it in a journal for now because I have no editing programs for my laptop and at least this way I'm still writing the story. Although I'm hoping soon to get an editing program so I can begin to type it out on my laptop. I can type much faster then I can write and I figure once I can begin writing it on my laptop things will probably go much faster. Also when I have the money I want to buy a laptop just for writing my books. I'm really hoping to get the first book finished soon and begin to edit it and start the process of finding an agent and getting a publishing company to accept my book. I would like to go for Random House and I know people will say "It's hard for unknown authors to get signed by big publishing companies like that!" I know that already, but I believe my story is great, I believe the books can sell even better then Harry Potter. I know some people might think I'm crazy by saying that, but if J.K. Rowling, an unknown author, can sell that many books then why can't I? I just know my books will sell and I know I'll get signed by a good publishing company that will promote my books good.
I'm not really writing these books just for the money. The money will be nice, of course. All my life I've been poor and would be very nice to have enough money so I will never have to work again, but it's not just for the money. It's because I love to write. I have a lot of great stories in my head and I want the whole world to read them. I want people to one day (hopefully soon) read my books and be go drawn into the story they can't put it down, I want people to be able to relate with my characters.
That's really the best I could explain it. This time writing a book is so much different then the other times I've tried. In the past I've tried writing books, but never finished. But, I think it's because I tried to write books like S.E. Hinton or Walter Dean Myers writes. They are both amazing writers, but I know now that I'm good at fantasy more so then I guess what you could call more realistic stories like they write. While I love the stories I wrote in the past, I feel they are not good enough and don't think they show how good of a writer I can be. I think they were more practice for mre then anything. But, fantasy is for me. I love being able to create the world my characters live in and I'm very pleased by the story I've written so far. I think that's enough talking about my books now lolz.

But, I will say another thing; this time writing I've learned so much more and I've really been reading about different publishing companies. Two companies to be ware of are Publish America and AuthorHouse. I think it's really sad how many so called publishing companies are just out there to take your money and then they screw you over.
Besides all that I've been playing MySims Kingdom, which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday, and the game is so much fun. I've never really been into Sims games, but I love this one. I've also been reading The Hunt For The Eye Of Ogin and I won that from a giveaway on Goodreads. I'm liking the book so far, it's really good. I'm going to write a review when I finish it.
Nothing much else has been going on, really. I don't do anything really exciting much. I'm still posting on Xanga, of course and going to take a break soon to focus on posts for next month. A good friend of mine left Xanga recently, which I find sad. She used to love Xanga, but has become addicted to Tumblr so she left. I've been on Tumblr and it's fine, I've been on LiveJournal, but not in months and of course I'm on blogger. Xanga still comes in number one for me and next would be blogger. I wish Xanga was still popular and many more people were on it. It really is a great blogging site.

Well, I better stop writing for now. I didn't expect to write this much, but I'll update soon. Might post up some book reviews in a few days or so and maybe write some other stuff. Going to try and look for another layout tonight too. I'll update as soon as I can.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Post Of The Year!

This is my first post of 2010 on blogger and sorry it's taken me awhile to update. I write on my Xanga blog everyday and write on here when I have the time. 2010 has been good for me so far, I'm looking forward to having a better year this year. I'm focusing on writing my book series, my goal is to finish it this year and start working on getting the series published.

I've started reading some of the books I got for Christmas and so far I've read The Giver by Lois Lowry and I'm reading the 3rd Harry Potter right now. I've also been writing posts on Xanga and recently a post of mine got featured on there. I've just been doing really good and I'm still excited about my book series. Writing it has been fun.