Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About My Other Blog...

Okay, like I said I'm going to write about what happened on my other blog. Xanga has changed the front page a bit. The Featured Blogs are still there, but off to the side while the Top Blogs are on the front page now. The Top Blogs are changed every day, they are said to go by how many comments, recommends, views you get. So I made my own post about the Top Blogs. Saying how I think it's great they are on the front page so users can get more traffic, but I said not everyone gets on the Top Blogs. I said that I've had posts of mine get 30, 40 or 50 comments and it doesn't make it to the Top Blogs and I've seen other bloggers say the same thing.
I said that I think there should be some type of thing for those who don't, or can't seem to get on the Top Blogs. Well, most of the people think Xanga can't do anymore to help people get traffic and that it's up to the user who wants traffic to get it. But, these people who say that are the ones who complained about Xanga not giving the users traffic and Xanga needed to do something about it. But, they aren't complaining now because they get the Top Blogs often and they are now located on the front page.

But...The comment that bothered me came from someone on Xanga who has been my friend for awhile. Here is her exact comment "I think it's fine the way it is. It's completely equal-opportunity. If you write stuff that people are interested and you network/comment lots of other people, you will make top blogs. When I didn't have sign-in lock I was somewhere within the top 100 everyday. You seem really concerned with getting lots of traffic and Xanga changing, but you never try to change what you blog about or how you blog. There really isn't anything else Xanga can do to get you more traffic, it's up to YOU to get traffic, not up to Xanga to give you traffic."

One thing I want to say is that I like getting comments because I like to connent with others on Xanga and hear their opinions, but I'm not so worried about traffic, or comments like she says. Also I do comment lots of other people and if you notice she mentioned how she made the Top Blogs every day. I was upset because this is a person who has been my friend on there for awhile and she reads all of my posts and she has the nerve to say that I'm concerned with traffic and Xanga changing. I didn't see her go after other people when they were complaining about how Xanga needs to change. And why do I need to change anything? If I become a popular blogger I want it to be because I'm being myself, not being fake to get comments/traffic.

Now what she is doing is she went off sign-in lock so she is able to make the Top Blogs, she's now blogging about things she knows will get a lot of traffic and comments and she keeps talking about traffic. Like the other day "Xanga must be dead today...I'm not getting a lot of traffic :(" and this morning "Wow.... I'm getting a lot of traffic, I've gotten 954 footprints since midnight."
I just have a feeling she's doing this now to throw it in my face that she can get traffic and on the Top Blogs. I have never been mean to her. I've commented and recommended a lot of her posts and now she acts like a jerk to me and judges me from one single post after reading my blog for months. Know how people say "When someone accuses you of doing something it means they are the ones really doing it themselves"? Well, over the past week I've really learned that it's true. She accused me of being concerned with traffic, but it's really her. If anyone were on Xanga saw how she blogged before compared to after my Top Blogs they will saw she changed.

Sorry for the rant....Needed to get it out. It just sucks when you are nice to someone and they do some crap like that.

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