Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally Updating

It's been awhile since I last updated on here. I should try to update more often, but just don't always have time when I'm online. Last night I was looking for a new layout for my blog on here. I like the one I have, but still not completely happy with it. I would like another anime one or a video game one though.
My birthday was the 21st, and I turned 21. I stayed home with my boyfriend and we ate my birthday cake. I got a few presents too. I honestly haven't been up to much. I've just been stuck in the house since we lost our car back in November. Last time I went out was in December to the video game store and we had to go in my dad's truck. His truck is way, way to hard to get into and I hurt my back trying to get in. Now we have another car, it works okay and just honestly looks like a piece of crap, but it's all we could afford for right now. I'm not worried though, I know things are going to start getting much better.

I've still been writing my book and have been writing it much then usual, but that's good. I'm actually writing it in a journal for now because I have no editing programs for my laptop and at least this way I'm still writing the story. Although I'm hoping soon to get an editing program so I can begin to type it out on my laptop. I can type much faster then I can write and I figure once I can begin writing it on my laptop things will probably go much faster. Also when I have the money I want to buy a laptop just for writing my books. I'm really hoping to get the first book finished soon and begin to edit it and start the process of finding an agent and getting a publishing company to accept my book. I would like to go for Random House and I know people will say "It's hard for unknown authors to get signed by big publishing companies like that!" I know that already, but I believe my story is great, I believe the books can sell even better then Harry Potter. I know some people might think I'm crazy by saying that, but if J.K. Rowling, an unknown author, can sell that many books then why can't I? I just know my books will sell and I know I'll get signed by a good publishing company that will promote my books good.
I'm not really writing these books just for the money. The money will be nice, of course. All my life I've been poor and would be very nice to have enough money so I will never have to work again, but it's not just for the money. It's because I love to write. I have a lot of great stories in my head and I want the whole world to read them. I want people to one day (hopefully soon) read my books and be go drawn into the story they can't put it down, I want people to be able to relate with my characters.
That's really the best I could explain it. This time writing a book is so much different then the other times I've tried. In the past I've tried writing books, but never finished. But, I think it's because I tried to write books like S.E. Hinton or Walter Dean Myers writes. They are both amazing writers, but I know now that I'm good at fantasy more so then I guess what you could call more realistic stories like they write. While I love the stories I wrote in the past, I feel they are not good enough and don't think they show how good of a writer I can be. I think they were more practice for mre then anything. But, fantasy is for me. I love being able to create the world my characters live in and I'm very pleased by the story I've written so far. I think that's enough talking about my books now lolz.

But, I will say another thing; this time writing I've learned so much more and I've really been reading about different publishing companies. Two companies to be ware of are Publish America and AuthorHouse. I think it's really sad how many so called publishing companies are just out there to take your money and then they screw you over.
Besides all that I've been playing MySims Kingdom, which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday, and the game is so much fun. I've never really been into Sims games, but I love this one. I've also been reading The Hunt For The Eye Of Ogin and I won that from a giveaway on Goodreads. I'm liking the book so far, it's really good. I'm going to write a review when I finish it.
Nothing much else has been going on, really. I don't do anything really exciting much. I'm still posting on Xanga, of course and going to take a break soon to focus on posts for next month. A good friend of mine left Xanga recently, which I find sad. She used to love Xanga, but has become addicted to Tumblr so she left. I've been on Tumblr and it's fine, I've been on LiveJournal, but not in months and of course I'm on blogger. Xanga still comes in number one for me and next would be blogger. I wish Xanga was still popular and many more people were on it. It really is a great blogging site.

Well, I better stop writing for now. I didn't expect to write this much, but I'll update soon. Might post up some book reviews in a few days or so and maybe write some other stuff. Going to try and look for another layout tonight too. I'll update as soon as I can.

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