Friday, March 19, 2010

Just A Quick Post...

I decided against posting this on Xanga for the reason that I may be told I'm whining again or worse. Remember I wrote a post about racism earlier this month? Well, it has never gotten featured. But, yesterday a post about racism got featured and it's someone on my friends list that wrote. I'm happy for her having a featured post, but I feel disappointed too. Her post was about her being racist because of growing up around and she's working on changing. That is great. Mine was different though, mine showed that racism happens to and can affect white people too.
I just feel really disappointed, mainly because I worked so hard on that post, it was difficult to write and when I did finish it I was proud of myself for writing it. It is probably one of the the posts I wrote that is most important to me. I know it didn't get featured because of it length (or maybe it was another reason. Maybe it was because it showed a completely different side to racism.) I don't really know, but I couldn't help feeling a bit hurt because her post was featured and not mine.

I'm going to edit my post, try to make it a bit shorter, repost it and submit it again later this year and hope that I get featured.
I just really needed to write all that. I feel a bit better now and wish I could post this on my other blog without being judged or the woman who got featured get mad at me.

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