Friday, March 12, 2010

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Don't Say Anything At All

On the 4th of this month on my Xanga blog I wrote a post about my experiences with racism and posted it on Xanga. It was a very long post, longer then I expected to make it, but there was a lot to tell and it needed to be told in order for others to understand. It didn't get as many comments as I thought it would, it was probably because of it being long and it didn't get featured like I thought it would. Xanga is different from other blog sites, you can get your posts featured on the front page. I know why it wasn't featured; again because of it's length. So I was a bit disappointed and even wrote a post that I was disappointed that it wasn't featured. It wasn't because I was looking to get popular, or get friends or subscribers from it. The message of my post was that racism affects everyone of every race and I think it's an important message so I wanted a lot of people to be able to read it.

I explained that in my post and someone said "if you are creating a post to get featured....reconsider your intention for are whining..." I never responded to her, but it annoyed me. I blog on Xanga, I like having my posts read by people, I like getting lots of comments and hearing others opinions, I like getting featured and whenever I write a post on there I don't write it in a certain way so it will be featured. I write it the way I write everything. Whenever I write anything, it's just me being myself and writing what interests me, what's on my mind. Now if I didn't want anyone to read my blog I would set it to friends lock and not friend anyone or I would write in my diary only. I blog on Xanga to connect with others and get others opinions and just talk to people. I don't write with the intention of getting featured, I just write how I always do and if it gets featured then that's great! But, I find it rude for someone to come on my blog and say I'm whining and tell me I need to reconsider why I'm writing. I'm writing because I love to write and for others to read. She is on there for the same reason, she's not on friends lock and I've her posts get lots of comments. I don't know her, but I've read a few of her posts because they were about famous native americans and they were good. I recommended them and I was never once mean to her. Isn't great how others pay you back for being nice?

I really don't mean to complain, but this has been annoying me for days now. Is it wrong for me to blog and want others to comment or for it to get featured? Isn't that why people blog anyway? It's like telling an author they need to think about why they write if they are looking to get published and want people to read their stories. There is nothing wrong with wanting people to read what you write.

I just needed to vent a bit. Sorry for the ranting. I might try and post a book review on here in a few days.

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