Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Day!

I got home not to long ago. I went to Marietta and York. I went to the RailRoad house in Marietta, the place is really haunted and in York I went to Rehmeyer's Hollow and that was my first time being there. If you want to read about Rehmeyer's Hollow check out my other blog post about here:

I had a really fun and interesting day and in a few weeks I am going back to Rehmeyer's Hollow. Right now I am just watching TV with my boyfriend and I feel a little tired. I'll probably take a nap in a bit.

Friday, August 28, 2009

100th Post Contest

BookMac is having a great contest and I thought I would let everyone know about it. Here's what it says on their blog:

Guess what!? We now officially have written 100 posts! Wowza! That, in my opinion deserves to be acknowledged, so, we're going to have a contest to celebrate this amazing accomplishment!
So here are ALL the books you can win, (we're very generous):
Wicked Lovely
Eye Like Stars
My, My Elf and I
This Lullaby
Academy 7
A Kiss in Time
The Midnight Charter
The last book is the Midnight Charter, a cool new book that's due out sometime in December!BUT, 1o books just isn't we're also giving away $10 to Barnes and Noble!!!Now, because 100 is one of our favorite numbers, if we can can get 100 followers by the end of this contest, we'll double everything, that means 10 more books, and 10 more dollars!So WHAT are you waiting for, go and enter!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Link To My Other Blog

I post on my other blog on Xanga almost everyday. So, if anyone would like to read it here is the link:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Talk About A Bringer Downer!

On my other blog I made a post about a Sega amusement park -- it really looks awesome, check it out here: Sega Amusement Park Opens in Dubai Mall -- I thought it looked really cool and wish it were closer to me because I would love to go. I'm a big fan of Sega. Anyway, I asked at the end of the post "If you had the chance, would you go to a Sega Amusement park?"

I got a few replies saying yes and I wasn't surprised. I mean, who doesn't like amusement parks, or Sega? Come on, you know all that Sonic is awesome :)

But, the last comment I got was:


Can't stand amusement or theme parks. I'd rather look for something 'real' to do in the area."

I was thinking to myself "Okay....I'm not even going to reply back because I have no idea what I'm supposed to say to that!"

The person who left that comment is on my friends list on Xanga and I found her Xanga on Goodreads. On Goodreads she seemed really nice, I never saw her leave comments like that to anyone. So, I thought why not add her? It's always nice to make more friends on Xanga.
That was a few months ago and this was the first time she ever commented on one of my posts, and it's not that I thought her comment was rude exactly, but it was kind of negative.

What is 'real' anyway?

I'm not trying to be hard on the person though, and I understand she's been going through a lot, her mother died recently. She posted about it on her blog that her mother died and a psychic contacted her to tell her that her mother loves her very much and is looking out for her. To me, I thought this was nice, but then again I believe in psychics and all that stuff, but she got mad. I mean, angry and thought the woman was rude for what she did. I never said anything to her, I just thought if that's how she feels about it that she feels about it.

But, even before her mother died I noticed that her posts on Xanga were really negative, never about anything happy, only bad things happening to her and after that I didn't read her blogs as much because I'm not into all the negative things. But, really to leave a comment like she did really shows she'll take anything and turn it into something negative. Which I wish she wouldn't. I'm sure she can be a really nice person if she wouldn't be so negative and I am not saying she is a bad person, but people like that find something negative about everything and try to bring everyone else down and I don't like that. I just hope one day she can see how negative she is being.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Starting!

I'm new to blogger and I probably won't blog on here much. I'm already on a blogging website called Xanga and I love it there, but no one is sure of the future of Xanga so I made a blog on here in case so I can save all my blogs from Xanga just if anything would ever happen, but I hope it doesn't! Blogger is pretty nice though.

I'll be coming on here every so often to update. See you all soon :)