Saturday, October 3, 2009

I met Paranormal State!

So I went to Halloween Park. It was my first time there, had never even heard of Halloween Park before I saw the billboard in my town about it. My boyfriend and I got there before 7, it was supposed to start at 7. Picked up our tickets, went inside the building and bought a few pictures for Paranormal State to sign. We sat in the back, on a couch because all the seats near the stage were taken.

The couch was big and comfy though so it wasn't really a problem. We sat and waited, watching people come through the building to go to the House of Doom. We waited awhile before Paranormal State got there. They were about a half an hour late, but once they got to Halloween Park the Q & A session started right away. Ryan Buell and the other members on show were answering questions that the people asked. I didn't ask any questions, although I should have. I wanted to know about the books that Ryan Buell is writing and the movie that is supposed to be coming out. Ryan answered a question about what his first experience was that got him into ghost hunting and he didn't really say any. He did say it wasn't just one experience though and that he only ever shared one thing that happened to him when he was young. One thing that happened to him was when he was a kid and he was in his bed and he would see some kind of shadow thing and he would yell for him mom to come into the room.

There was so many questions and it would take a long time to type up all the answers. They were asked questions about the difference between black and white orbs, but they couldn't really say what the difference or the meaning of the different color orbs are. They were talking about some of the houses they visited to investagate there was nothing paranormal going on in the house. The house has stuff coming out of the walls and stuff growing on the floor. It turned out to be mold and they had it because they never cleaned the house. There was really a lot of stuff and it was interesting to hear what they had to say. Also I think I heard Ryan say that the new season of Paranormal State will come on in December. After the Q & A they started signing pictures and letting people take photos with them.
We didn't have to wait in line very long and we went up and got our pictures signed by everyone that was there. We got a picture with a few of the people from Paranormal State.

Picture of me and Marc with a few of the people from Paranormal State.

And here is the picture that was signed by everyone.

Last night was....exciting, I think that's the best word for it. I love Paranormal State, it is one of my favorite ghost shows and I've been wanting to meet all of them for a long time. They were so nice and down to earth, I really had a great time and I hope they come around here again so I could go and see them again.

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