Sunday, October 23, 2011

Read-A-Thon: Second and Final Update

I was able to read two more books for the Read-A-Thon. Here they are:

Nancy Drew #1: The Demon of River Heights by Stefan Petrucha - Nancy Drew is acting in a monster movie. One of the film students says that the monster is real. Nancy, of course, doesn't believe that, but when the film students go missing, it does make her wonder. . . .

I thought this was a pretty good graphic novel. I liked the storyline and the artwork.

Casebusters 1: The Statue Walks at Night by Joan Lowery Nixon - Sean and Brian are brothers. Their dad is a private investigator and when he is hired by the museum to find missing sketches, Sean and Brian decide to do some of their own investigating.

This book is for younger readers, but as always, Joan Lowery Nixon does a wonderful job. This book is the start of a series and I'm sure children would enjoy this. I liked it, it is a good mystery for younger readers. Afterall, everyone needs a good mystery and if you're reading Joan Lowery Nixon, you've found one of the best mystery writers there is.

For the Read-A-Thon, I was also able to do a few of the challenges. I did the creep me out challenge, Read in Pictures challenge and the Zombie Apocalypse challenge. This was my first Read-A-Thon and I've had fun.

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  1. Eden, thanks so much for joining us for the read-a-thon! And so glad to hear you had a fun time! We're definitely planning on doing another, and when we do, we'll get the word out and hope you'll join us!
    I'm following your blog now :)
    April @ My Shelf Confessions