Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Christmas Book Wishlist

Dark Vengeance by Ed Greenwood is the sequel to Dark Warrior Rising and that is one of my favorite books. I've wanted Dark Vengeance since I first found out about it.

Hex by Arthur H. Lewis is about the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer in York County. I read this book a few months back, but I want to buy it. It is a good book, with lots of information about the trials and such. It's hard to find now though since it's out of print.

I also really want Revolutionary Girl Utena volumes 2 to 5 plus the movie manga. I love this manga series. I've only read volume 1 and 2 and the manga of the movie, but I recently bought volume one now I need the other ones. There really is a ton of books I want, but it would take so long to post all of them so this is what I'll post for now.

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