Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Won a Goodreads Giveaway

Book Description:

"Young Elwood Pitch is only thirteen years old when he finds himself entrusted with a sacred mission to restore peace in the far-off world of Winnitok. The land's immortal protector, Granashon, has disappeared and her power that protects the land is fading fast. Elwood, his dog Slukee, and their newfound traveling companions, warrior Drallah Wehr and her talking raven Booj, set out on a dangerous quest to find the missing immortal. Elwood soon has a mysterious dream about the Eye of Ogin, an ancient turtle shell with the power to find Granashon. Elwood is determined to find the Eye, which was lost centuries before in the great swamp Migdowsh. The Great Swamp is riddled with quicksand, snakes, and monsters, but that does not deter the brave group. Along the way they must navigate an astonishing array of supernatural creatures–yugs, woogans, truans, graycloaks, and a terrible frog demon. Will they find the Eye and restore Granashon's divine power to the land? Will Elwood be able to handle the terrible truth the swamp reveals to him? Patrick Doud brings memorable characters, poetic language, and a driving narrative to this timeless tale that recalls classic epic adventure stories."

This is my 3rd time winning a book from goodreads and I'm excited to get it.

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