Monday, December 7, 2009

A Bit Annoyed

Sorry this is going to be a rant, but I'm annoyed about something. On my Xanga blog I write a new post there every day, I have quite a few friends on there and a lot of subscribers. I love Xanga, I love bloggin on there and I won't ever leave the site, but Xanga has like sister sites, I guess you could call them. These sister sites are all for different things, like fashion, food, dating, parenting, gaming and a few others. You can submit your posts to be featured on any of the sister sites, or you can go straight to Xanga and try and get your posts on the front page, I think both ways are cool, but I like being featured on the front page the best.
I've beeb featured on some of the sister sites, mostly the gaming one called the Hardestlevel, but I stopped submitting my posts to them. I did that because they kept changing the titles of my posts and rewriting or taking stuff away from my posts, which I didn't like. I haven't submitted any posts to the Hardestlevel in months and today I signed online to see the Hardestlevel asking my permission to feature my post about Nintendo Christmas Decorations. I didn't give them permission because I don't want my post being completely changed like they like to do.

Another thing Xanga has that I like is footprints, it allows you to see Xanga/users of sister sites that are viewing your blog and after I denied permission to my post, an editor from the Hardestlevel came to my site and took the pictures from my post and wrote a post similar to mine, but called it Gamer Christmas Decorations. They pretty much stole my post, but it has a bit different wording. Now I have editors from the Hardestlevel stalking my site all because I wouldn't give them permission to feature my post and then they stole it! What gives them any right at all to even do that? I took my time finding those pictures and writing that post only to have it stolen because they are upset that I wouldn't give them permission. This is why the main gaming site I go on is VGChartz. There are some users on VGChartz that aren't so nice, but the site is so much better then other video game sites and the Hardestlevel used to be good, it was a good gaming site with good posts and the people were nice, but a few months later they changed and are just like Gamefaqs, IGN and all those other gaming sites. I've really had enough of the Hardestlevel's crap and they better not steal any of my posts again.

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