Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Love This Time Of Year!

I was looking out at the trees in my backyard the other day and the leaves were all yellow, orange and redish brilliant beautiful colors. Sadly I didn't take any pictures though. I think the trees are beautiful when they change in Fall, the colors are absolutely amazing. I honestly love this time of year. I know it can get pretty cold out, but I don't know, I just find this time of year great. I don't like the cold to much. Watching the leaves change and watching it snow. I like snow as long as it's not to much because then I have to shovel out the cars and put salt on the sidewalks to make sure no one slips. But, even with those few things I still think Fall and Winter are both nice times of the year.

Maybe it's because of the holidays.

I've always loved the holidays and I look forward to them every year. Halloween and Christmas are my favorites. Halloween is over now and Christmas won't be to far away. I'm still buying christmas presents and I hope that I will get my shopping done soon. I'm actually going to start delivering phone books soon for some extra money so surely that will help out quite a bit. I know Christmas can be hard on people, with having to buy gifts and all, but for me it's really a magical time of year. It's not just about the gifts -- although they are nice to get! But, it's about giving people gifts and seeing their reaction, it's about the spirit of the holidays, being nice to one another and even trying to help others out if we can. If only people were nice all year long.

Anyway, I finally changed my layout on here. Halloween is over so I figured it would be best to change it. I also find out that Better World Books is having a sale. 4 books for $10 dollars. I might try to get some books while they are having the sale. Nothing really has been going on with me. Although I might try to go to the library soon and borrow some books, but that's really all right now.

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