Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sega Dreamcast

September 9th 1999, the Sega Dreamcast was released 10 years ago on this exact day in North America. I didn't get a Dreamcast until years later though. I was young at the time and my parents said they weren't going to buy it, but I always wanted one and when I got with my boyfriend he had a Dreamcast system. Needless to say, I was happy because I could finally play the system! And when once I got some games for it and played it, I could see why so many love this console.

The Dreamcast was....actually still is a great system. It was the first console to have online -- at least in America -- and from what I've read it had a pretty good launch too. Sadly though, the success was short lived. So many wanted the console and Sega just couldn't fulfill the demand for the Dreamcast.

Even though the Dreamcast didn't last long, it did have some great games like Sonic Adventure and Shenmue. I just think that it is to bad that Sega gave up on the Dreamcast, but either way we still have the console and it had some really amazing games to play. I know that a lot of people were hoping that on this day Sega would release the Dreamcast 2, but I haven't heard anything yet. Who knows though, one day Sega might surprise us all and release another amazing console like the Dreamcast.

10 years on and I still see people talking of this console. It may have only sold about 10 million units, but all these years later to still have people talking and wanting a Dreamcast 2, I would say that is pretty good. Happy 10th birthday Sega Dreamcast :)

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