Monday, August 24, 2009

Talk About A Bringer Downer!

On my other blog I made a post about a Sega amusement park -- it really looks awesome, check it out here: Sega Amusement Park Opens in Dubai Mall -- I thought it looked really cool and wish it were closer to me because I would love to go. I'm a big fan of Sega. Anyway, I asked at the end of the post "If you had the chance, would you go to a Sega Amusement park?"

I got a few replies saying yes and I wasn't surprised. I mean, who doesn't like amusement parks, or Sega? Come on, you know all that Sonic is awesome :)

But, the last comment I got was:


Can't stand amusement or theme parks. I'd rather look for something 'real' to do in the area."

I was thinking to myself "Okay....I'm not even going to reply back because I have no idea what I'm supposed to say to that!"

The person who left that comment is on my friends list on Xanga and I found her Xanga on Goodreads. On Goodreads she seemed really nice, I never saw her leave comments like that to anyone. So, I thought why not add her? It's always nice to make more friends on Xanga.
That was a few months ago and this was the first time she ever commented on one of my posts, and it's not that I thought her comment was rude exactly, but it was kind of negative.

What is 'real' anyway?

I'm not trying to be hard on the person though, and I understand she's been going through a lot, her mother died recently. She posted about it on her blog that her mother died and a psychic contacted her to tell her that her mother loves her very much and is looking out for her. To me, I thought this was nice, but then again I believe in psychics and all that stuff, but she got mad. I mean, angry and thought the woman was rude for what she did. I never said anything to her, I just thought if that's how she feels about it that she feels about it.

But, even before her mother died I noticed that her posts on Xanga were really negative, never about anything happy, only bad things happening to her and after that I didn't read her blogs as much because I'm not into all the negative things. But, really to leave a comment like she did really shows she'll take anything and turn it into something negative. Which I wish she wouldn't. I'm sure she can be a really nice person if she wouldn't be so negative and I am not saying she is a bad person, but people like that find something negative about everything and try to bring everyone else down and I don't like that. I just hope one day she can see how negative she is being.

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