Friday, August 28, 2009

100th Post Contest

BookMac is having a great contest and I thought I would let everyone know about it. Here's what it says on their blog:

Guess what!? We now officially have written 100 posts! Wowza! That, in my opinion deserves to be acknowledged, so, we're going to have a contest to celebrate this amazing accomplishment!
So here are ALL the books you can win, (we're very generous):
Wicked Lovely
Eye Like Stars
My, My Elf and I
This Lullaby
Academy 7
A Kiss in Time
The Midnight Charter
The last book is the Midnight Charter, a cool new book that's due out sometime in December!BUT, 1o books just isn't we're also giving away $10 to Barnes and Noble!!!Now, because 100 is one of our favorite numbers, if we can can get 100 followers by the end of this contest, we'll double everything, that means 10 more books, and 10 more dollars!So WHAT are you waiting for, go and enter!

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